A Hot and Dry Evening

I grew up as an Evangelical teenager – yes, with a capital “E”. Church camps and regular services. At one particular summer camp I met a group of girls including one who was visiting from across the state. Janell was a black girl – actually part Indian (American Indian) and also part Hispanic, very outgoing […]

A Black Baby, Maybe?

CHAPTER 1 I have read messages on the internet where white males want to get their wives to accept sex with black males. I never dreamed that my husband Gary would fit in this category. Here is my account of what my husband did to make me a cuckolding wife: Melvin, his boss, was a […]

A Black and White Affair

As I waited in the hotel room preparing for his arrival, I let my mind wander. It has been over a year since we met that rainy Wednesday in New York City. As I stepped into the shower, I thought back to that day and all that had happened since. I remembered the way he […]

Both Holes Filled by a Real Man

You arrive home from endless meetings, just wanting to put your feet up and have a lazy evening with me. As you pull in, you see Peter’s car in the driveway and your cock stirs. You haven’t seen him in two weeks, ever since our first meeting and you’ve been wondering why he’s been so […]

A Day at the Beach

Believe me I never had illusions about our relationship but I do have dreams of grandeur. My name is Roger and like most people with that name, I’m not handsome or athletic, and certainly not artistic in any way. My girlfriend whose name is Eve by the way, is a ten plus in any man’s […]

A Degree of C Ch. 02

Hello, again. I’m very proud of this chapter. I knew where I wanted the story to go, but had trouble getting everything out- until I posted Chapter 1, read your comments, and saw your ratings. They really inspired my creativity, so keep them coming (good or bad), please. Thanks again for reading A Degree of […]

1993: Somalia Confidential

This is basically a war story. It is an account of my personal view of the well known events of ’93 in the Horn of Africa, where I experienced my very first campaign and a totally unexpected sex adventure. I changed the names and slightly camouflaged some otherwise obvious facts, in order to avoid hurting […]

A Different Kind of Therapy Ch. 11

[My thanks once again to estragon for editing my prose. I appreciate all the feedback and love hearing from you. Please write. I love the suggestions, but may or may not incorporate them in the story. I have no control of where my Muse leads me. She is a wicked domme. -Tricia] Session XI: Caught […]

A Christmas Tail Ch. 01

My wife and I had just completed a life-long dream of taking a 28 day cruise of the South Seas on a luxury cruise ship. It was a fantastic trip! We got back just in time for Christmas and we were feeling a bit guilty about our own good fortune, realizing there were many less […]

Foolish Mother

Oh yea, oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!’ my daughter Sandy cried from the bathroom where she was having a bath with her father. I smiled to myself; it was nice to know that even though our daughter was 18, her father still cared for her like she was a child. I ask you; can you […]

A Gift for Her

I enter the room and see you there, exactly as you should be. Blindfolded, wrists cuffed and kneeling. I am pleased to see that you have followed my instructions. I see your beautiful hair is neatly tied back, something that may come in handy later I think to myself. I circle you, looking over my […]

A Hot Night in Frankfurt

A note from the Author: This is a true story, more or less. Remember that we’re talking about twenty years ago, and some aspects of the story had to be fabricated for the enjoyment of you, the reader. I was in the Army and the trip to Frankfurt did take place. The Red Light District, […]

Hot Wife Play-by-Play

“Are you tied up good honey? Let me check.” Click-click went her hot red pumps, making their way across an immaculate floor, polished to the point that her moist pink pussy lips could be seen in its reflection, appearing and disappearing behind her toned, supple thighs sliding over each other as she walked towards him […]

19 Year Old Girlfriend Cuckolded Me

My Hot 19 Year Old Asian Girlfriend Cuckolded Me with a 53 Year Old Black Man! My name is Jim and I live in Pleasant Hill, which is in the East Bay of beautiful Northern California. I’m currently 24 years old, 5′-9″ tall, 175 lbs., have blonde hair, blue eyes, and I work in a […]

A Fat BlackOldWomanLove Story Ch. 05

Angry Yes, I’m angry. Angry at myself because I can’t resist giving in to that dominate lust I experienced after years. It’s that strong, that common sense is overpowered by the urge. Weekly now my ugly, fat old black body is the possessing of a young white stranger with a horny obsessing for it. I […]

Lana – Doubled Up

It was the afternoon of our photoshoot, when Lana comes up to me looking sad. “Cliff just called and said he cant make it today.” “I’m sorry, hon. I really wanted to try something fun today.” “Well, I could, you know, invite someone else?” Lana asks, looking up at me hopefully. Curious, I ask her, […]

Fantasy Fulfilled

Karen stood in the bedroom naked, fresh from the shower, her blonde shoulder length hair already dried. She was peering into the mirror applying make-up. Her gorgeous curves, shapely and toned, looked voluptuous as she applied her mascara to her deep blue eyes. When she had finished she turned to me, as she always does, […]

A Cuckold for the Night

I had gotten ready for an evening with Diane. We had talked that morning before work about our plans for the evening. She had asked me what I would like to do this evening and I told her that I was not going to make the plans tonight that I was leaving that entirely up […]

A Thousand Years

Please skip this story if the idea of a man being cuckolded by a guy with a bigger cock is not your scene. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy this story which was inspired by a recent holiday. Feedback appreciated. It was Thelma’s and my fifth wedding anniversary and we were celebrating with a holiday in […]

He Was The Best Man Ch. 02

The next time Gary came over he brought his brother Matt with him, and I figured nothing was going to happen with Matt there. Matt is older than Gary, he’s a local cop, and he never liked me much. In school he had seemed to go out of his way to make my life miserable. […]

A Black Black Christmas

As tradition, my wife Emily began bugging me about attending her annual Christmas Party. Working for an advertising agency, her company always had some type of weird non-traditional theme. For example, last year the firm had a Christmas Vacation theme where everyone was wearing beach attire and drinking margarita cider. As usual, my wife told […]

Justice Pt. 01

I’m a Literotica virgin. Yes, this is my first time submitting a story! But I’m compelled to say thanks to the many writers whose stories I’ve enjoyed reading on the site. I have my favorites, but all have provided me with countless hours of enjoyment and entertainment. Keep them coming! ************ Chief of Police Jack […]

Fantasy Text Cuckold

This is a little continuation of my story about my girlfriend and I roleplaying another cock. This one is a little bit of a different approach. It’s fictional, but something we’ve been dabbling in. It’s a complete fantasy, but one day I think I’d like her to text me in a similar fashion. Me[10:30]: Hey, […]

A Beautiful Thing

George the truck driver had to turn his head as he followed that ass. “God Damn.” he thought to himself. As she jogged out of his view he turned back and quickly grabbed the steering wheel with two hands. He swerved the moving truck away from a parked car as he made his way along […]

A Lesson From His Boss

Kate and Shawn had what they considered to be a perfect relationship. He was 30 and she was 26. They were good-looking, healthy and well-educated. Shawn had travelled the world building a successful and lucrative career, while Kate’s natural beauty and elegant dress sense made her the perfect executive’s partner. They had already decided they […]

A Cougar At Large

I married the love of my life soon after graduating High School almost twenty years ago. Joseph and I had a wonderful life, until his life was tragically cut short by a fatal motorcycle accident three years ago, Joseph was a great provider, investing our money well and leaving me a sizable fortune when he […]

Friends with Benefits

The first time I met B–, I thought he was just a tall, nice looking white guy with a ponytail. He was rugged looking, with dirty blond hair and what seemed like a permanent shaggy unshaved unkempt look, kind of what the stereotype of a gaijin was when I was in Japan and what some […]

Enrique Ch. 02

We were eating, and Zelia sat to my right, but far down the table, close to our guest, Enrique, who sat opposite me, at the far end, so that we were facing one another. I could hear his hand rubbing along the fabric of my wife’s capris, the ones with the bluish posterboard print that […]

A Day at the Office

Fantasy Request by Margret Margret stepped into the elevator, heels clicking loudly, with a smug look on her face. As the steel doors closed she admired her own reflection in their mirror finish. Even now, in her mid 40’s she looked good. Her dark brown hair was done up in a bun, with decorative chop […]

A Dreamy Threesome

Oh Jesus, what time is it and what the fuck is that noise? Am I dreaming? My groggy eyes struggle open. A door closes. Is that Maddy? Christ it is! That’s her giggle. The LED display on the bedside alarm beams 3:10. There is the sound of a male voice. Who the hell is that? […]

A Hard Night at the Cozy Rest Motel

Ray Wilson woke up, checked the clock and felt a sinking feeling in his stomach. It was three in the morning and still no sign of Loretta. Up until now Ray had been patient and willing to give her the benefit of a doubt but he couldn’t ignore the evidence any longer. He was sure […]

Benedict and Veronica Horton

Benedict, Ben or Benny, Horton, Veronica, or Ronnie, Horton nee Parker: that’s us. Both aged forty. Married going on fourteen years I guess. Happy? She is, I’m not, and for damn good reason: she’s been cheating on me. And, not just cheating on me, but serial cheating on me, with at least four different men […]

A Dangerous Game

Art and Jane were staying in London for two weeks having arrived nearly a week ago from their home in California. They’d been out to lunch with Mavis, an English friend they’d know from home, and it was time to start moving on. They’d talked for about an hour after eating, and the staff at […]

Michele’s Journey

WARNING THIS IS A CHEATING WIFE STORY, IF YOU DON’T LIKE THESE STORIES STOP NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEACE * Michele’s journey, looking back, was difficult for her to comprehend, how had she travelled this road in her life? It wasn’t what she had planned; it was like it was all happening to someone […]

A Fate Worse Ch. 01

“Amy, I need you in my office right now.” At another job, that might be ordinary, but she felt a shiver of fear run down her spine. For starters, she and the boss had always enjoyed a friendly, outright flirtatious relationship. Please, thank you, and double entendres were the norm, not that cold, empty kind […]

Cock Ring of the Gods Ch. 06

Dear fans and student, I have just returned from island of Timur to partake in a symposium in Vienna, which interestingly enough deals with the clitoris shape and impact on the world economy. While not my area of expertise, it has been become a hot topic in the academic community, given the massive public funds […]

A Halloween Party

Chapter 1 The sun had just risen. It shone on the leaves, it made prisms through water drops, and filtering in through the blinds it awoke Mario from his sleep. After having a nice long lazy stretch he got up and went to the bathroom to take care of the morning business. Then he went […]

Blanks and Missiles Ch. 02

When I finally woke up the next morning Ander was gone from my bed, and apparently the house. I woke up horny and hopeful that Ander would take me once again. My dreams the night before were incredibly erotic, the moisture flowing from me had little to do with the potent seed he had filled […]

A Demonstration

“We’re done,” said Pete. “Crew Sched said we’re released until tomorrow.” His exhausted crew of three Flight Attendants and his First Officer were relieved the ordeal was finally over. It had started with a late check in last evening in LA. Things were going fine until they landed in Calgary. A mechanical delay for a […]

Kinky Neighbors

I have lived next door to Nick and Sheri for several years now. I have secretly lusted over Sheri since the day we met. Every time we talk and chat, we flirt endlessly back and forth and I use any excuse to touch her. I decided to invite them over for a friendly barbecue and […]

A Dark Room Ch. 01

A Dark Room, A Late Night In the center of a loft apartment, a woman stood alone. High ceilings, lost in the shadows were broken here and there by skylights that allowed the cascade of translucent moonlight to fall across the woman’s creamy skin, her lush curves bared and on display. From all about the […]

A Husband’s Revenge Ch. 01

There is just enough juicy sex to get the story line across, and the husband mad enough to want his pound of flesh. If you think this is one of those stories about how a husband fantasizes about seeing another man fucking his wife, you should stop reading now and not waste your time going […]

Beach Change Ch. 02

Part 2 of a 3 part series. Haven’t written much of part 3, yet. I hope to have it done soon. Once again, if you don’t like cheating/slut wives, this story probably isn’t for you. I would like to raise a toast to the fans that email me with positive and encouraging feedback, Thank you! […]

A Kinky Vacation Ch. 01

After 3 years without a vacation for ourselves, my wife and I were finally able to book a cruise in the Caribbean for an entire week. It was to be a much needed break from a stressful job and the full time 24/7 commitment of being parents. I was also hoping that it would be […]

Irene’s Blossoming

1. Everybody has fantasies, even those, like my wife, who claim they don’t. I had a recurring fantasy. Many married men fantasize about other women; I fantasize about Irene, my own wife. One day, we were making love. Irene was lying in the bed, on her back, and I was between her legs, with my […]

A Hot Summer With… Ch. 09

A Hot Summer With My Mom and Aunt Ch. 09 I followed my mom into her bedroom as she led me by my hard cock. Once in her room, she turned around and placed a very hot passionate kiss on my lips and pressed her naked body against mine. We must have kissed for several […]

A Conservative Comeuppance

The leggy, blonde, conservative author was getting nervous. She was moments away from appearing on the highest-rated urban talk show on cable, The Jackie Martin Show. She didn’t want to do the show — she thought it was not the right audience. But her publisher thought different and insisted. Her new book was about the […]

Amanda’s Massage

Her butt was gorgeous. For a young woman who was recovering from pregnancy she sure was fine looking. As I pumped my cock in and out of her pussy she arched her hips to take me into her deeper and deeper and moaned repeatedly as my thrusts brought incredible pleasure to her beautiful body. Amanda […]

A Better Job Next Time

HIM: Taking advantage of the fact that you probably will not read this. HIM: I have been thinking about licking anf fucking you in the ass again. Would love to make yoou scream with pleasure….last time I think I was too gentle….. HIM: I think I’d make you strip off all of your clothes and […]

A Better Man than I Deserve

To my Ex: if you are out there, this one’s for you. This submission is a little fiction and a lot of fact. It is a vicious, cheating wife story about a woman who believed false evidence presented by another woman who had her own agenda, which included destroying a marriage. If only you would […]

17 Degrees of Revenge

Erin here again, with a story that I’m sure that not all of you will believe. Well, I don’t much give a shit; I did what I had to do. It was my sophomore year of college when I discovered my asshole boyfriend Tony had been cheating on me at his fraternity mixers. Dumb move; […]

Melanie’s Seduction Ch. 01

Michael first became aware of interracial sex whilst at school. There was a very tall black boy, Chris in his year, who was very self-confident in a way which was not common in England at that time. Chris, at a party, managed to spend an evening with the hottest girl in the area, Chippy. Chippy […]

A Fat BlackOldWomanLove Story Ch. 02

Please, don’t judge me; I’m just a very warm person with her physical needs who do something with it. I’m a fat black old woman, in a few weeks becoming 62 and divorced 14 years ago. It was a hard time, after a marriage for 23 years I was abandoned for another woman by my […]

A Holiday Movie

byfanatic282© Don’t let anyone ever tell you that sex stops once you reach 40, or even older. Provided you keep yourself in trim and take care over your appearance there’s no reason why it can’t just go on getting better and better. At 49 I’ve just had the most amazing experience of my life and […]

Cam Wife Debbie

When my wife and I first married my job didn’t include me going away very often. Now however I can be away for weeks at a time as many of the contracts the company I own carry out, are abroad. As the owner and main consultant, I have to go abroad a lot. In an […]

A Black Knight Ch. 02

All of these new revelations had gotten to the princess. All these people, having their primal urges satisfied lone for her and to some extent, Tepus. Tonight was to be the grand ball and all types of men would be there trying to woo the princess. Perhaps she would use this opportunity to even the […]

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 33

Part 33: Epilog continued. This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. Due to renewed requests I am continuing to post my emails from […]

14 Days on the Mountain Pt. 09

Before you read this work, please note that it is adult oriented and very sexually explicit. Also, it is very lengthy and broken into 10 ‘parts’ that should be read in order. Most of them will stand on their own, but certain nuances of the story will be better understood if each part is read […]

A Good Marriage Ch. 10

Chapter 10 — Fulfillment Please feel free to read the earlier chapters at no extra charge. In fact, you’ll find reading the chapters in sequence adds context and depth as the story unfolds. Otherwise, feel free to find the juicy bits and wank. And so, despite a fifty percent divorce rate, rest assured that in […]

A Day at the Mall

Hey there! Long time no see! It’s Debbie, 5’6 inches tall, BBW black chick, 18 with big DDD-tits, big pregnant-looking belly, and big bubble butt. Saturday morning, I was laying on my side in bed in front of my laptop, eating a big box of doughnuts, under no covers, totally naked except for a white […]

Lana Crosses A Line

Our weekly photo shoots have become a constant in our lives. Once a week, Cliff comes over, and I take a ton of hot photos with he & my wife. Lana schedules everything, and we never miss a week. Today though, was different, We were going to visit Cliff and Raquel (his wife) as a […]

A Happy Marriage: Aubrey’s Epiphany

Before I married her, I knew Aubrey was a sexual being. It was obvious, from the way she walked to the way she dressed to the way she talked. A petite, 5’6″ frame–she couldn’t have weighed more than 110 pounds (later, I found out that was exactly what she weighed.) A thin, 25″ waist; glorious, […]

A Black Lover

My black lover has an ashy-looking, grey film streaked and splotched on his body. So when we get together for sex I smooth baby oil all over his body – on his face, neck, shoulders, arms, chest, stomach, legs, the front and back of them, on his back, firm buttocks, in his crack. I wipe […]

I Fucked Your Wife

The author retains all rights to this story. It may not be posted or printed elsewhere without the author’s express written consent. This story is permitted on the Literotica website. The names, people and places in this work are fictional and any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental. * I fucked your […]

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 30

A Correspondence with Sharon Part 30: Sharon begins to realize she really is a horny “slut”. This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. […]

Confessions of a Cuckold Ch. 02

Introduction: I mostly wrote this story to explore a new genre and to learn more about the subject of cuckolding. This story is mostly fiction. Some of the story material came from my research on the subject, however I did get some parts of the story from my own personal experiences. I also got some […]

A Fat BlackOldWomanLove Story

A fat black old woman story: seven steps is a short way for rewarding. I want to share my story because I did not expect at my age to find a (young) lover and experience such delight in it (may it last forever!). The first step: “Well, I accepted my new job in New York […]

Dear, We Have to Talk Ch. 01

Part One: The Wife Finds Out! “Honey we have to talk,” the five words you never want to hear from your wife, especially when she is sitting by your computer, with your secret porn stash open on the desktop. “My computer was out and I had to get a report done. I saw a file […]

A Big Mistake…or Not? Ch. 02

You need to read part one in order to find out a little about the characters and how the situation came about. This part is much longer and in response to comments, does witness my wife sucking and fucking. There will be much more to come too! His reply was very measured and flattering. Not […]

2nd BBC

It was a long day of classes, immature people, and meaningless assignments. As I walked down the stairs, all I could think about was getting home and maybe working out or lying by the pool. I got in my car and called Chris (my husband) to let him know I was out of school and […]

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 05

Part 5: Chuck the black intern plays with Sharon. This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. Oct 10/25/08 7:24 PM Sharon, Your pool […]

My Journey From Virgin to Cuckold

Thanks to Ruzie D for the edit. They were gone. My blemishes. . . gone. The acne, the warts, blackheads, razor scars, skin pits, heck! Even the birthmark, gone, as if they never existed. My face was smooth and unblemished as a baby’s ass. I looked at the rest of my body. Every lump, every […]

1st Gang Bang

I had that feeling again at work. Flirting, chatting online, and then I realized I was squeezing my legs together. My pussy was hot again. Sometimes I swear I think about sex more than anyone I know. Even guys, and that’s saying a lot. I started looking around at my coworkers like pieces of meat. […]

A Jacuzzi, Annette And The Guys

On Monday nights, we would all get together and hang out. The guys would watch football and the gals would watch TV and chat about life. We had a jacuzzi that seats four and usually someone would end up in it on those Monday nights. On this particular night, my wife Annette turned out to […]

Another Class Reunion

Author’s note: This is my first attempt to write a story with multiple viewpoints. While I welcome your comments on any aspect of my stories, I ask you to comment on my handling of the viewpoint presentation. I thank you in advance for taking time to read my efforts, for the mostly good votes on […]

A Black Cock Slut

Chapter 1 Though it was hard to argue that I wasn’t a black cock slut, I still hung onto the thought that I was a male in the traditional sense. Even before getting anally raped by my wife’s black boyfriend, apparently my wife didn’t share my opinion. As I stood naked in the bathroom in […]

Jasmine Fucks My Wife

Hello, my name is Tim. I am a 30 year-old married man. I have been married for five years to my wife Danielle. She is an absolute beauty of a woman. I remember when we were married, I felt like I was the luckiest man in the world. Since I am no hunk myself, standing […]

A Faraway Shore

The deafening roar of water. It swallowed her every sense, filled her ears to bursting. Cora didn’t know if the surface was above or below her, but she knew she had to swim, it was her only chance. The Grand Dame clipper ship had made it safely from England, ’round the tumultuous Horn and onward […]

A Black Knight Ch. 01

1245- King Pelles kingdom awoke with the sun that day. The village was dancing and the maidens were happy for news had come. Their men were coming home from the crusades which they set out for almost 2 years ago. The men had left promising to conquer the holy land. Yet what really happened was […]

Jenny and the Landlords Ch. 01

‘Jenny…we can’t go on like this. We’ve been rowing all weekend. I haven’t enough money to pay the rent this week!’ ‘I know Mike. I’m sorry. It’s all my fault and I’m skint too. I’ll have to think of something though because Emma will be down to collect it later. Don’t let it worry you […]

14 Days on the Mountain Pt. 05

Before you read this work, please note that it is adult oriented and very sexually explicit. Also, it is very lengthy and broken into 10 ‘parts’ that should be read in order. Most of them will stand on their own, but certain nuances of the story will be better understood if each part is read […]

14 Days on the Mountain Pt. 07

Before you read this work, please note that it is adult oriented and very sexually explicit. Also, it is very lengthy and broken into 10 ‘parts’ that should be read in order. Most of them will stand on their own, but certain nuances of the story will be better understood if each part is read […]

A Family That Plays Ch. 03

Jamie stood topless before his bathroom mirror, observing himself, his imperfections. His hand rose, fingertips gently smoothing along the dark circles that hung beneath his eyes. They appeared to be vanishing—slowly, but surely—since had gotten himself reacquainted with an old friend named Sleep. He traced the blemishes on his once smooth mocha-brown skin. He had […]

Hot and Steamy

As the sun peaked in the sky on a peaceful Saturday, Michelle lay relaxed on the massage table in a secluded outdoor area of the spa. Michelle felt the tension leave her muscles as a young woman kneaded her back, and slowly she drifted into a daydream. She imagined the stranger she met the previous […]

How Lisa & I Saved Our Marriage Ch. 03

While we were cooling our affair with my basketball teammate, Richard, Lisa and I made love in our normal way. We engaged in a little role playing and some light exhibitionism. Over a few months that began to grow old again and we both felt it was time for her to conquer new heights. One […]

Lana – My Wife’s Third Photoshoot

This is Part 3 of “Photoshoot with Loving Wife.” (All future stories will begin with Lana. Sorry for the confusion.) * The day after our second, and absolutely shocking, photoshoot, we were having dinner with our good friends Raquel and Cliff. After we showered, I told Lana what to wear, and as usual, she obeyed […]

A Black Safari for Sophie Ch. 02

A couple of hours had passed and Janet’s daughter had still not arrived at the falls. Janet became concerned and questioned the two Africans with her. “Not to worry, miss Janet. Sometimes the elephants do not come into view right away. I’m sure they are okay.” “Well, since I’m paying for this safari, I demand […]

A Good Marriage Ch. 03

Chapter 3 – Evolution In a world where it’s safe to have unprotected sex, there is such a thing as…a good marriage. ********** And so the normal rhythm of life returned for Mark and Carrie. Making love, working, traveling. Because of the nature of their jobs, they worked and made love in locales exotic and […]

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 26

Part 26: It’s Gang Bang time! This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. This conversation includes elements of wife swapping/sharing, incest, and group […]

Loving Mimi Ch. 02

I should have known with Mimi’s love for his big cock and the crush Elliott had on her what happened the night before wasn’t the last they would be fucking each other. Elliott was sitting on the front step when I got home from work. “Hi, Elliott. You missed Mimi. She’s at work.” “I know […]

Bigger is Better

I recently joined this new gym, trying to get back into shape. I wasn’t overweight or anything, but just not very athletic. The people at the gym were very friendly. One of the regulars, Ben, offered to help me with my workouts and we sort of became friends or at least good acquaintances. He had […]

Always (un)Faithful Pt. 03

Part 3: Even Bigger, Even Better Author’s Note: These stories are completely true. My wife has helped me write these stories not only to share with the world, but to also help relive the past steamy sexual encounters she has partaken in. After my wife’s last regular lover left the Marine Corps, she had a […]

3X DVD Review Issue 3

3X DVD Review Genre: Interracial Featuring: “Interracial Nation” and “Interracial Nation 2” Interracial Nation (Visual Images) Interracial Nation is standard interracial fare with anal sex as its focus. The girls are average looking, though some scenes may have that one porn moment where a still, or voices alone could summon a pop. All scenes are […]


“I don’t know why this girl does this to you, Enrique, she must be just trying to make you suffer,” said Zelia, as she sat down with him on the sofa and ran her fingers through his long curly locks. It was nearly midnight and Zelia and I were in bed asleep when he called. […]

31st Century Warrior’s Woman Ch. 02

The next morning Maggie was awoken by a soft tapping, blinking rapidly she saw Spirit Fawn, standing above her a bowl of steaming water in her hand a half frown half smile played on her lips. “You’ve had sex?” She asked bluntly settling beside Maggie, Maggie choked at her frankness blushing she shook her head. […]

A BBC Personal Ad No. 01

This is a true story. My wife, Patty, and I are both white. Unlike a lot of stories I’ve read where the husband claims his wife is a knockout beauty, my 5’3″ wife is an older woman, still very cute, but with less than perfect body. In her mid-fifties, Patty’s figure has gotten a bit […]

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 40

Part 40: A Bizarre New Years Eve I didn’t hear from Sharon again until January 2nd. It was just a short note telling me that nothing unusual had happened after Christmas, but that New Years Eve was bizarre. I didn’t know what make of that, and I was concerned, however I just had to wait […]

A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 28

Part 28: Sharon and Joe host a Memorial Day barbeque. This is the continuation of an email correspondence I had with a woman named Sharon Alderson. If you have not read the previous parts I suggest you go back and read from the beginning to get the full background. This conversation includes elements of wife […]

A Fateful Evening

She moved into the new apartment in the morning and waited for her roommate to arrive. They had never met, and spoken only twice on the phone. Still, Tammy had hopes for the best. This was a big step for her. After three years in the city, she was taking a plunge and moving in […]

A Creamy Fantasy Comes True

** This is a true story – only the names have been changed to protect the naughty and the innocent 😉 ** My fiance and I had been together for about 2 years when one evening, as we were lying in bed preparing to make love, the topic of our individual fantasies came up… *************** […]